Mastering Your Settings – Photography Workshop


In the past I traveled the country sharing this information with hundreds of photographers. As I’ve changed the direction of my life and moved toward mentoring people in new and different ways, this material has been sitting in the dark corners of my hard drive. At a recent event I met a woman with limited resources asking for help with her dream of being a photographer… My heart leapt as I realized I had something that could help her! After sharing with her, my hubby suggested that there might be more of you looking for this same help. I know he’s right so I’ve decided to share both of my workshops at a price anyone can afford!

Includes a 57 page PDF workbook with full color examples and over 8 hours of videos with me going over the workbook and showing examples of actual images being edited.

Price good until June 15, 2017



Two workshops for one AMAZING price!

Master Your Settings

Do you ever wonder how some photographers are able to get certain looks with their camera? I’m excited to share my knowledge and techniques with you and help you learn to use the settings on your digital camera to create the images you see in your mind. You’ll learn how the relationship between Aperture, ISO, and Shutter Speed effects your image and when to adjust which one. You learn rules of thumb for where to place your subject in the image to create maximum impact. I’ll teach you how to recognize and use gorgeous light, anytime of the day. Ever wonder which lens to choose and why? It’s covered in this workshop along with so much more! You’ll receive a digital copy of the workbook, and links to videos of me walking you through the workbook and answering your questions.

Quick & Easy Editing

Quick & Easy Editing is a series of videos teaching you how to use Lightroom to import, organize, edit and more! I’ll cover how to quickly create gorgeous images without being stuck at your computer for days! You’ll learn to crop, adjust white balance, lighten & brighten, add special effects, and clean up blemishes. No matter your style, you’ll find that Lightroom offers you the ability to create it easily and then sync the rest of your images for a uniform style without having to do each image individually!

Examples of what you’ll receive: